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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

You Must Know This....

  1. What is MBA ?

    MBA stand for Masters of Business Administration.

  2. What is the eligibility to take admission to MBA.?

    Any graduate who has completed 10 + 2 + 3 or 10+2+4 years of degree (BA, BSc, BCA, BBA, B.Com, BE, MBBS etc) with minimum 50% marks ( 45% for SC/ST) at graduation level is eligible. ( student appearing for final year degree examination can take the admission but have to get the degree with prescribed marks of 50%(45% for SC/ST) by the time the admission is done.

  3. Which Entrance Test I have to appear?

    PGCET is compulsory entrance test to secure the seat under govt quota admission. For admission under management quota (one of these tests) KMAT, MAT, CAT, XAT, is essential. Students taking PGCET can also take admission in management quota then in that case such students need not take KMAT,MAT,CAT etc .

  4. When the entrance Test is conducted and how do I get the information for the test.?

    The test is announced well in advance in the news paper and on the website by concerned authority, keep checking. We at Chetan Business School provide the information about the test as and when announced, stay in touch with us.( our contact numbers are 0836- 2370782 / 2370783)

  5. How is the admission done?

    The admission under government quota is done by counselling as prescribed by the Govt. The admission under management quota is done directly at the Chetan Business School, Hubli.

  6. What is the in-take at Chetan Business School, Hubli ?

    Chetan Business School is permitted to admit 60 students under government quota and 60 seats under management quota. For govt quota admission students are advised to take seat through counselling. For management quota students can take admission directly at Chetan Business School.

  7. How Can I ensure my seat at Chetan B School ?

    Yes you can ensure your seat at Chetan by booking the seat by paying a nominal fees. This fees will be adjusted to the final fees once the admission is completed.

  8. What is the advantage of booking the seat by paying the nominal fees ?

    Yes you have an advantage that you are assured of sure seat under management quota if you do not get a seat in govt quota in the counselling .

  9. What happens to the fees paid to book the seat if I get the seat in Govt quota in counselling ?

    Do not worry Chetan will admit you in govt quota and adjust the fees paid to the total fees payable. You do not loose the fees at all.

  10. Can I get booking fees refunded if I take admission in the other college?

    Yes you will get the refund of fees after the admission is over. Chetan will deduct the processing fees of Rs 1500/- and refund the net amount by cheque only.

  11. What fees I have to pay if I get the seat under management quota if Chetan has surrendered some seats of management quota for filling through the PGCET?

    You pay the fees applicable to Govt Quota admission.

  12. Do I get the bank loan facility at Chetan?

    Chetan will assist you getting the bank loan by providing necessary quotation and other bank required papers from us. It is a support service Chetan provides to all the students who seek bank loan.

  13. Do I get scholarship at Chetan?

    Our counsellor will inform you the various scholarships available and the eligibility criteria for scholarship.

  14. What other compliance I have to do to complete my admission at Chetan?

    If you have completed the graduation from the college affiliated to Karnataka University then you need to get the transfer certificate issued by your college. Chetan will issue you admission letter addressed to your Principal to help you get the transfer certificate after the admission is done.

  15. If I have completed the graduation in other University (say Rani Chenamma University or Mahila University or VTU, or Davangere University ) what compliance I have do to complete my admission in Chetan?

    Do not worry, Chetan will help you in this also. You need to get the migration certificate from your University addressed to Karnataka University and based on that Karnataka University will issue the eligibility certificate. You have to pay prescribed fees at Karnataka University to get the eligibility certificate. Chetan will issue admission letter based on that this formality is completed.

  16. Do you have the hostel facility at Chetan?

    We do not have our own but we assist in getting accommodation as we have outstation students in Chetan.

  17. Do you have the college bus ?

    No we do not have our own bus, but the KSRTC bus services is good and the busstop is in front of our College.

  18. What other facility Chetan provides?

    Chetan provides book bank for each semester on returnable basis, Free canteen services during day time for breakfast, lunch and evening tea. Uniform, complimentary international visit, and laptop. Besides these facilities computer lab, well equipped library with books and magazines, wifi is available for students to help in their learning process.

  19. Who gives the MBA degree ?

    Students studying in Chetan Business School get the degree from Karnataka University, Dharwad.

  20. What is the duration of the course ?

    It is two year course split into 4 semesters. Each semester is of 16 weeks duration.

  21. What Subjects I study and what are the specializations available?

    The subjects prescribed by the University are taught. You have specialization in Marketing, Finance, HR and General Management areas.

  22. In which semester specialization starts and Can I take dual specialization?

    Specialization as per University is given in the second semester. Yes you can take dual specialization.

  23. Which specialization is good for me?

    At Chetan we counsel the students and given them orientation on the specialization to make them right choice.

  24. What about the faculty at Chetan?

    A nice combination of young and experienced faculty is available. Most of the faculty are Phd holders and others are registered for Phd. The average experience of faculty is 8 years. The senior faculty come with industry experience of high order.

  25. What about visiting / guest faculty?

    A good number of visiting and guest faculty come to teach the courses at Chetan. It is a need based and supplementary in nature.

  26. How are the placements at Chetan?

    Chetan makes sincere efforts to place all the students who need placement. It is the facilitation service. Various companies are brought to campus or in case of pool campus students are informed to attend the placement.

  27. Companies from which sectors have taken students for placement at Chetan so far?

    Companies in banking, finance, hotel, insurance, manufacturing, retail, telecom have taken students to work for.

  28. What is the placement record at Chetan?

    It is above 85% all the years. However the general economic conditions and job market have its influence on placement.

  29. What is the average salary?

    It comes to about Rs 3 to 3.50L.per year.

  30. What pre-placement activities are done at Chetan?

    Students are trained on soft skills, Group discussion, resume writings and interview skills, spoken English skills right through two year period to make them ready for placement.

  31. What teaching methods I should get used to while learning MBA at Chetan?

    You will find faculty using lectures, student presentation, case study, role plays, live field projects, management games, simulations, movies and news paper reading as the teaching methods at Chetan.

  32. How Chetan gives me the scope to use management skills learnt in class to apply in practice while I am still doing MBA?

    At Chetan student committees are formed to help them organize events, fests, sports activities, guest introduction, write up on events all these enable putting management skills in practice while students are doing MBA.

  33. When did Chetan start and what about its approval and affiliation.

    Chetan started its MBA course in 2011-12. It has the approval of AICTE and Govt of Karnataka. It is affiliated to Karnataka University, Dharwad.

  34. Whom Do I contact at Chetan for my admission related query if any?

    You can contact the counsellor in person during the working hours from 9.30 to 5.30 from Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 9.30 to 1.30. You may contact on phone 0836-2370782 / 2370783.

  35. Do you have help desk to assist in uploading/downloading entrance test related information/documents when PGCET / KMAT calls for such compliance?

    Yes we set up the help desk, We support you in this. Please avail this service free of cost.

  36. Do you conduct any preparatory course to prepare students on PGCET/KMAT tests.

    Chetan feels such preparatory course is necessary and makes all the efforts to conduct the course. It depends on the students’ interest. We will announce his well in advance.

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